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Thank you for watching this testimonial. For nearly two decades CRS Mobile Cold Storage has been providing commercial refrigeration equipment and temperature-controlled storage solutions, namely portable cold stores and blast freezers to companies in the UK and Ireland.
Our Service Promise

We operate a 24-hour callout service to all units that are on hire in the UK & typically a 12 months parts only warranty on sale units.

Our highly skilled service engineers will respond quickly & efficiently in the unlikely event of machine breakdown. We strive to form alliances with contractors to attend promptly to callouts outside of Ireland & the UK.

Through our active policy of preventative maintenance with regular servicing of units on hire, we have successfully pre-empted many such callouts, much to your benefit & ours. In addition, we can offer you maintenance contracts on all the equipment we provide.

CRS Mobile Cold Storage has several websites offering specialised cold storage products to a range of industries in the UK, Ireland and beyond.

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