Funny Video | Mother's Brewing Company | Beer Commercial | Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Mother’s Brewing Company | Funny Beer and Christmas Video| The Story Behind This Story: This is Springfield Missouri, home of Mother’s Brewing Company. Recently Mother’s was awarded “Best Looking Mom in the USA” because the organization issuing the award failed to pay any attention to what Mother’s Brewing Company actually does or who they are. Because of this award Mother’s has received a lot of attention from the marketing and advertising sector. This is a story of how one advertising agency interrupted Mother’s Wednesday staff meeting and caught them at their most vulnerable, drunk moment. The names have been changed to protect the innocent, well, not really, but this is a semi-true story of how one advertising agency’s quest to create the “World’s Best Beer Commercial” fell tragically short. In fact, this is most likely the worst, funniest, beer commercial ever made.

This video was produced by Vietti Marketing Group