Flesk Brewing Opening at the Ice House Mall 2016

New Brewery Coming to the Ice House Mall & Village Shops in Barrington, Opening in November 2016 – Flesk Brewing.

Something is brewing at the Ice House Mall & Village Shops. Opening this year in late November at the Ice House Mall will be a new business called, Flesk Brewing. Flesk Brewing will feature a large tap room with a bar and seating for around 75 selling homemade beers brewed and bottled in many styles including pale ales along with cider and wine options.

Flesk Brewing was founded by two brothers, William and James O’Brien in 2012. Their passion for home brewing quickly became an idea after James 21st Birthday. The brothers decided to make beer for friends and family instead of the typical beer on special. The Flesk name was derived from a castle in Ireland that their father toured as a young man. The story goes that he came upon the castle named Flesk in Kerry, Ireland and brought home two relics from the castle. As the boys grew up their father would tell stories of the castle and the ghosts that lurked behind. William and James went to Ireland to visit the castle and gave their new brewing business its founding name. William and James received their diploma from the Siebel Institute of Brewing Technology in Chicago. James travelled to Munich, Germany where he completed his WBA from the Doemens Academy.

Flesk originally started in William and James’s hometown of Lombard, Illinois. They brewed and bottled many styles including pale ales, IPAs, stouts, saisons and German helles to name a few. Within a few years they quickly outgrew the space. While searching for a new space, they found the welcoming tenants and their unique new location at the Ice House Mall. Flesk Brewing plans to open their doors this November at the Ice House Mall & Village Shops in Barrington, Illinois.

Flesk is a family friendly, community focused business. The brewery will occupy the east side of the mall’s vacant space that once used to be the Barrington Home Shoppe. William and James fell in love with their new space at the Ice House Mall and felt their new location had more character that was unique than the typical brewery construction and other building locations in Barrington.

Flesk Brewing owners, William and James’s tap room will feature their many home brewed beers at their new location in the Ice House Mall to include, Ghost Relic, Moped Traveler, Chocolate Factory, Into the Void, Occam’s Razor, Imperial Running Man, Coat of Arms, Mister Fancy Pants to name a few. Flesk will also feature live music and William and James’s favorite board and card games for patrons to enjoy while visiting Flesk Brewing.

For more information on the opening of Flesk Brewing at the Ice House Mall & Village Shops visit www.fleskbrewing.com or www.icehousemall.com or call 847-381-6661.