Eliot Ness (Amber Lager) | Great Lakes Brewing Company | Beer Review | #1022

Today, I’m going to review a beer from the Great Lakes Brewing Company, and it’s their Eliot Ness, which is a Vienna-style Amber Lager. This is one of Great Lakes year-round offerings that I’ve had numerous times before, but never reviewed, so let’s see what I think about it!

Commercial Description:

Admittedly, it’s a bit of a paradox to name our Amber Lager for history’s most famous agent of prohibition. But it’s a smooth, malty (and dare we say, arresting?) paradox.

Pertinent Information:

Brewery – Great Lakes Brewing Company (Cleveland, OH)
Beer – Eliot Ness
Style – Vienna-style Amber Lager
ABV – 6.1%
IBU – 27
Bottled On Date – “Best By” 11/25/21 (Relatively fresh at the time of review)

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