Day 47 Hired to Remove iguanas from Private Waterfall! Florida Mini Lobster Season 2022 Miami Beach

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  1. Raj- Just going to make a comment here. I have been watching your channel now for a little over a year. I want to point out, Steve's Uniform… I think you might want to consider some pointers on uniform design. He looks professional, clean and ready to do business. I can appreciate your relaxed look, but look at the property he is working on, that contract is worth a shiny penny.

    I say this because I used to manage a Private Security Company, and the look of the uniforms and the "General Housekeeping" of the employees made the difference in the type of contracts we were then offered. I absolutely love watching your channel and so want to see you take your business in to the next level, I think seriously looking at a more professional uniform will grant you access to properties you never thought were possible… In fact sit and have a heart to heart with Steve… It might yield some re-thinking of your own business model…

    Keep it up Raj, you guys are awesome!!!

  2. You two crack me up, where were you raised that neither of you know what a freaking goose looks like! SMH FYI they can be nasty and aggressive so approach with caution, they're faster than you think 😏 loving the daily content cheers

  3. What a beautiful piece of property! Perfect habitat for iguanas to live! It so crazy how the iguanas are all over the place. Are you guys catching up on getting rid of them?

  4. Awesome vids ! I used to live in Pompano Beach FL and the iguanas were everywhere. It was amazing how theyd jump in the bay and jet underwater and get away from danger.. They're making a mess of the land and need to be stopped.

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