Day 264 Beer Review: Maguires Irish Style Red, State of Brewing ALDI RED ALE

Day 264 of 365: Maguires Irish Style Red Ale, State of Brewing (Octopi), Waunakee, Wisconsin.
Purchased: Aldi, Findlay, Ohio.

While picking up some last minute items for Easter dinner, I stumbled upon this Irish-style red ale at the local Aldi. This one comes in at 4.5% ABV, poured a nice amber color with a respectable white head. The nose was lightly roasted malt, and not a whole lot more. This was medium bodied, rich malt with a nice caramel/toffee taste and a wee bit of hops. For $7.99 for a sixer, this is a decent beer and I would try it again!

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