Coopers DIY Irish Stout home brewing from ingredient kit

This is how I brew beer, Brewing can be a fun hobby. If you are mature about your alcohol, consumption. Iv provided you with links to kits to get you started! Once you master the basics you can try more advanced kits or grown your own grain and hops. V Links below. If you want to donate to this future of this channel, Fallow the link on my about page. Remember to like and subscribe
generic beer kit
Coopers beer kit
Mr. Beer kit
Dual Sport motorcycle (Tao TBR7) to Ride mad wheelies on and show the neighbors how tough you are



  1. Cheers to home brewed beer . We just subscribed after your video found us. We love to home brew beer , grow some hops, make different wines and meads and others on our channel. Stay thirsty friend and brew good beer.

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