Conan Visits The Dublin Guinness Brewery | CONAN on TBS

Conan wants to skip the technical blah-blah-blah and get right to the free beer.

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Conan Visits The Dublin Guinness Brewery | CONAN on TBS



  1. By far my all time favorite field short they've done, mostly because of the memories tied to it. Sure, it's hilarious watching Conan struggle to finally get a pint, but this was aired the night after I moved across the country to be with my then fiance, now best friend/brother. He never watched Conan and I was coming down from jet lag and the anxious excitement of what I just did, so this was a chance for me to relax and laugh while also trying to show him stuff I enjoyed. We were cracking up so hard throughout this whole sketch. He fell in love with the show and I had finally felt relieved after such a crazy day. I'll always come back to this when I really need a smile. Thank you, Coco. 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

  2. Had me first "Blonde in A Black Dress" in Bray at the Brayhead Hotel. John the bartender and co-owner poured it with a wee dash of black current syrup to take the bitter edge off. Done for the newcomer to Guiness. Never forgot it.

  3. I worked many months in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico… of all the staggering things to see there (El Yunque or on a moonless night do the bioluminescent bay in Fajardo) folks always wanted to go to Bacardi. But they did give you drink tickets the moment you walked in for the free tour. And more when you walked up again after the tour… get the Barcardi Ocho Anos.

  4. I've been drinking Guinness wrong this entire time.

    Okay, Elbow Up, Look to the Horizon, Pull through the head of the pour, think of defining moments of my life, envision the dreams of my forefathers, imagine greatness being poured through the glass into me so that I may embody it for all time (or for about 30 minutes) … okay, I think I got it.

    Update: Instructions unclear, my hair is on fire.

  5. If I had been that girl I would have giggled the whole way through. I loved the part where they're watching the video entitled "yeast". lol

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