Coffee Brewing Methods: French Press vs Pour Over vs AeroPress and more!

We compared all coffee brewing methods we found in our office. We talk about coffee makers like French Press, Pour Over Dripper (V60, Kalita, Chemex), AeroPress, Clever Dripper, Moka Pot and many more! This video is sponsored Standart 🙏

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🛠 All coffee gear & tools we use in our office:

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► Bodum French Press: (Amazon)
► Hario V60 (ceramic): (Amazon)
► Hario V60 (plastic): (Amazon)
► Kalita Wave: (Amazon)
► Chemex: (Amazon)
► Clever Dripper: (Amazon)
► AeroPress: (Amazon)
► AeroPress Go: (Amazon)
► Moka Pot: (Amazon)
► Cezve/Ibrik:
► Drip Machine (Technivorm Moccamaster): (Amazon)
► Flair Espresso PRO (v2): (we featured v1 in the video)
► Capsule Machine (Essenza Mini): (Amazon)

► Victoria Arduino –
► DRWakefield –
► AeroPress, Inc. –
► Comandante –
► Cropster –
► Loveramics –
► Typhoon Roaster –


0:00 Intro
0:45 French Press
2:15 Pour Over
4:28 Ad: Standart Magazine
5:37 Clever Dripper
6:38 AeroPress
8:59 Moka Pot
10:15 Cezve/Ibrik
11:35 Drip Coffee
12:35 Espresso
13:52 Coffee Capsule
15:28 Coffee Brewing Tips



  1. What's your favourite brewing method and why? Do you have any "secret" brewing tips to share?

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    0:45​ French Press
    2:15​ Pour Over
    4:28​ Ad: Standart Magazine
    5:37​ Clever Dripper
    6:38​ AeroPress
    8:59​ Moka Pot
    10:15​ Cezve/Ibrik
    11:35​ Drip Coffee
    12:35​ Espresso
    13:52​ Coffee Capsule
    15:28​ Coffee Brewing Tips

  2. My lazy method is very simple, grind coffee as fine as possible, add boiling water to the cup, wait a few minutes until it cools and the coffee sink, enjoy! Just don't drink the mud at the end.

  3. I am a new AeroPress Lover. But is AeroPress safe, with boiling hot water interacts/reacts with plastic? Understand there is no BPA in their product, but still hot water + plastic does not sounds like too good for health long term. What does everyone think?

  4. I love espresso, it tastes different than coffee. It has a nice rich full flavor that's not bitter. I use a Delonghi EC155 cappuccino maker. It makes great espresso for only $100. Illy is the brand of espresso I use. It tastes great.

  5. Thank you for this. I learned a lot. I sometimes see those things but I really don't know what they're called except "coffee maker". I am just starting with coffee so this helps a lot

  6. I used a keurig for quite a while for quick coffee but i have been using a french press lately with fantastic results utilizing James Hoffman's method.

    I did not see the subject of Camp Coffee mentioned here but maybe that is a US thing only.

  7. Dude deliver the whole information. you mentioned cezve/ibrik and forgot that the whole arab word use this.
    Notice that ibrik: is an arabic word. See its in the damn word.. 😭
    And for the love of god for the love of god boil the water before putting the coffee powder. 😭😭🥺 .
    Pro tip to get arabic style coffee add cardamom to it 😊👏.
    And you dont need this stupid black plastic just boil the water grab a spoon put the coffee give it two or tree stir and boil it a couple of times. Done.
    You are doing it wrong.

  8. I have a Drip coffe machine if I have several people visiting, a Tassimo if i need a cup FAST and for myself, i uses only their Espresso capsules together with heated milk and sweetener. Wich is usually how i drink my coffe. Its convinient if i have like 1 or 2 people over too. Just bought a Moka Pot so atm im trying to find a a beans i like, that works for that. Now when christmas coming im gonna wish for a coffee grinder so i xsn get freshly grinded. I orderd a Moka Brikka Pot that produces some crema so thats going to be fun to test out. Oh yea I have a french press somewhere too wich i seldom use if ever 😂

  9. I never liked my mocca pot until my espresso machine died and i had no other choice but to learn how to make a nice coffee. Cleaning is simple as you only need water and a cloth. Also dont leave the brewed coffee in the pot for too long otherwise it starts to taste metalic.
    Youre not supposed to tamp the coffee grounds but i find it works really well if you do so very lightly.

  10. Thank you for making this video….I have couple of those devices in my kitchen my favorite is the moka pot…I would love to see if you guys can make a video explaining how to make different types of coffee around the world not just what they use…

  11. As a life long French press aficionado I think French Press Is superior to all but espresso.
    Why! My method is pour hot water to 1/3 of the carafe volume, wait 30 seconds, add the rest of the hot water, stir with a spoon or chop stick place the plunger on top of the water and wait 10 minutes for all the flavor profiles to develop. Speed, other than espresso, is never a substitute for quality and flavor. Great video and content! Excellent pros and cons.

  12. Making a rich and amazing cup of coffee does not need to be complicated, nor expensive. I use the Vietnamese coffee press – the little metal press. I don't even press it (tighten the top piece). I just let the water run through the 2 press filters (top and bottom). It's the best! They make the perfect single cup of coffee, and are super easy to clean. And, these little metal presses are like $6.00 at the Vietnamese market and they last forever. And, all I add to it is heavy cream. Nothing comes close!

  13. Gotta tell you something aboud Cezvik or Dzezva, how we call it in Serbia. The copper one is a more Turkish version of brewing. We use metal pots, but in Serbia we wait for the water to boil first and then we add coffee and wait for it to boil again.

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