Christoph Waltz On The Difference Between Germans & Austrians | CONAN on TBS

(Original airdate: 12/14/11) Academy Award-winner Christoph Waltz explains the difference between Germans and Austrians.

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Christoph Waltz On The Difference Between Germans & Austrians | CONAN on TBS



  1. Conan needs to chill a bit and not have to squeeze in a word after each sentence or statement made by his guest. Dies he watch himself to see how nervous and hyper active he is!? Gee!

  2. And still, Austrians speak "german"😅 but seriously, if you're not successful, take it with humor…arrrgh, sorry, wrong comment, but seriously, think we Germans might have more commedians than Austria, in percentage i dunno, but nonetheless, I love commedians from all over and the way i know Chris, this above is/was comedy 'cause thats what peolpe want to hear in this show and he got that and a good joke always bothers third parties (has to)…AND lets not forget, Austria once was german as Prussia or Bavaria 🙃😉
    Nix fuer ungut😂

  3. Dont forget that our way of speaking and sense of humor was destroyed by an aggressive Austrian! And Austrians have more sense of humor than germans? nah..not in my world

  4. This feels a little like the difference between the cold, abrupt straightforwardness of northeastern/New England Yankees and the genteel, refined disingenuousness of American southerners

  5. The only difference between Austrians and Germans is not their sense of humor but the fact that they were smart and opportunistic enough to denounce being German after the war.
    What many forget is that before the war Germans and Austrians were essentially the same.
    They there more alike to how in the American Civil War the north and the south fought for supremacy, but I don't think there is someone out there who truly would belive one of them if they said they were not American.
    Before the war Austrians could become Germans ( 😉 ) and Germans could become Austrians without much of a hitch.
    Many German democrats died fighting to liberate the "Austrian" people whom they clearly considered their own, from the Monarchy in Vienna.
    The other way around, Austrians fought the Prussian Monarchy to liberate the Germans whom they considered their own people.
    Germany as a nation state didn't exist until after WW1 and the interim period was far to short to establish something like a different people.
    Austria as a nation state didn't exist until after WW2!

    But truth be told, today after almost 80 years of separation there really are some small differences nowdays.

  6. A complete load of bull, the last part is more on par with reality but still weird. The truth is there is no real distinct difference since Austrians are originally Germans to begin with and the difference between is the same as the difference between north and south of Germany. Or Boston and Texas for example. Also the no sense of humor is just a ludicrous thing to say.

  7. I have always heard the difference between Austrians and Germans are that Austrians can be Germans but Germans cannot be Austrians. Still dont know what that really means? Lol

  8. Conan. You're American. Not Irish. Drives us Irish nuts when Yanks call themselves Irish. If you're born in the US, you're American. Here In Ireland, you're considered American, not Irish. Americans who are decended from Irish are always disappointed when they come here and realise that they are referred to as American, not Irish. Also, here's a tip. Don't ever say that Irish and English are similar when you're in either country! It won't end well.

  9. Incorrect. Ireland has had only 4 nobel literature prize winners. William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett, Seamus Heaney. We would have had 19 nobel literature prize winners had it not been for alcohol.

  10. One reason you may find one German verbally trashing another is that there's no threat of physical retaliation. The post-war assault laws are quite strict, to prevent a repeat of history, and so Germans know they can verbally launch into someone as much as they can muster.

    Another take on it is from a boss of mine (American) who worked in Germany for two years and found that maybe the sudden outbursts are better, since they don't seem to be followed by bad feelings. Maybe it's better to just get it all out into the open so that everything can move forward.

  11. He said Austrians and Germans is like Irish and British. As a german i can say that this comparison is completely wrong. Irish people are celts, and brits are anglo-saxons. Whereas austrians are ethnical germans, its such a wrong comparison. Irish people have the irish gaelic language and austrians talk german. Austrians are exactly the same as bavarians.

  12. Why can I understand him but not Arnold? Is that horrible to say? Because they're both from Austria and it's kind of confusing to me.

  13. So then Heidi Klum is a battleship and Adolf Hitler the Waltz? Thank you Christopher, for giving us this picture of your thoughts…! Well I want to go on my battleship then and left you the dance…

  14. I don’t dislike him, I always loved him, but he became famous in his careeer because of German movies But I ALWAYS see him saying mean things about germans in every single interview That I ever saw. That’s not very nice. I could tell That and i’m not even german.

  15. Why do Americans have this need to apologize for not knowing things about other places? Do people think other countries know everything about everyone else?

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