China Spying from U.S. Farmland | THE FINAL HOUR PODCAST #24

Today, Jim, John, and Lonaiah lead with news of governments embracing famine, ranchers selling off cattle due to drought, and China purchasing land near Air Force bases. Jim also continues his teaching of the Harlot of Revelation. #christianpodcast #worldeconomicforum #farmersprotest

00:00 — Intro
00:30 — Welcome
01:03 — Governments Embracing Famines
06:42 — Canadian Agriculture Restrictions
10:30 — Ranchers Selling Off Cattle (Drought)
15:00 — China Infiltrates America
22:30 — Quick Hitters (Headlines)
28:40 — Revelation Teaching
36:50 — Closing


Netherlands/Canada Article:

Ranchers Article:

Ranchers Are Selling Off Their Cattle In Unprecedented Numbers Due To The Drought, And That Has Enormous Implications For 2023

China Articles:

Chinese firm buys land near Air Force base, raising alarms

Bonus Article:


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