Celtic Red Irish Red Ale from ‘Ol Republic Brewing Craft Beer Review

Jaded Diva reviews Celtic Red Irish red ale from ‘Ol Republic Brewing in Nevada City, CA. Craft Beer Review. Beer. Bier. Cerveza

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  1. This reminds me a bit of another channel I watch, 1 of the 1st I found on youtube he did a few videos on guitars n a lot on home brewing.

  2. Hi there… glad we found each other! – did you know that the lucky colour for the Irish was not green… like Coke made Christmas Red! It was Christmas that was green and the Irish lucky colour was blue! – crazy how things change and I’m sure it’s all about branding! – Love your videos so far.. good honest booze review! – huh! Yeasty!! You know your ales! You would fit in fine in a 🇬🇧pub!!

  3. Hey Jaded! I thought I would come check out some more of your videos so I don't confuse your channel on live stream again lol. Thanks again for chatting! ya helped make my night.

  4. You always have such lovely beverages! I don't drink alcohol often, but I when I do I want something lovely! You definitely have a FUN channel! Now if only you could send a taste through the camera! 🙂

  5. Hi Jaded Diva, met you at James Cox's live and I must say you really know your beer. I am not into beer but I enjoyed watching your review of the Celtic Red Irish Ale.. it is very thorough. Awesome review! Thumbs up! 👍👍👍 tfs hugs, Rosie 🌹🌹🌹

  6. 🍺 I just did 2 Reviews of Irish Beers! One O'Hara's Irish Red Ale, & Guinness Foreign Extra Stout! I I still have to do a local Craft Beer Redheaded Step Child brewed by Tall Tales Brewing Co out of Parsenburg MD just outside of Ocean City MD. Last year I reviewed Murphy's Irish Stout and Guinness regular Stout. I have SMASHED the Like Button! Hope you feel better! Nice Review… 🍀🍺 Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍺🍀

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