Catching & Gifting a MONSTER MACKEREL (Insane Spearfishing moment)

We did not see this coming… One of the most insane spearfishing experiences we have ever filmed. Fortunate to be able to gift this to our friends aunty who fed dozens of people with it! Thanks for watching, Az

Episode 15 of “The Blue Highway”.

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Acknowledgment of Country: We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we camp, travel and hunt. We recognise their continuing connection with the land, water, and community. We asked Traditional Owners for permission to fish and camp in these sections of country. We pay respect to Elders past, present, and emerging. 🙏



  1. that schoolie mackerel is as big as the biggest spanish mackerel ive seen pulled up in ny… im casting for most of the day with a 3000 reel, im in pain my arms are killing me, AND THEYRE NOT FUCKING BITING

  2. That was an awesome Spanish Mac! However, I have to admit, that as much as I enjoyed the epic fishing…I smiled more watching the showers. Fishing is cool and hot men showering is well…hot. 😊 The best part though, was giving away the fish. What's on the outside is nice to look at but, heart and soul are the true measure of a person. –Jessica from Florida 🌞

  3. That was f**** epic a shark broke his back and you men were able to get him. Absolutely lethal. I really really dig the way you guys are all just absolutely cheesing I mean just cheesing all the way cool as f***

  4. Loved this video and helping the community!
    But…. Did I miss something? Where is Fran? I feel like I have episodes out of order maybe?
    Thanks! Keep at it. Love your work!

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