Brewing Modern Pale Ales – 5 mins with owner/brewer of Modest Beer getting tips

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Part of a new series of videos we are spending “5 mins” chatting to get you some insights and tips from just the best guys in the industry

Chris owns Modest Beer and he is a very modest man but he does brew some really impressive modern pale ales , during this short video he walks us through his thoughts when designing a modern pale and gives some tips on the processes he has tried and adopted.

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  1. Can anyone confirm what whirlpool addition he used im sure he said 60g per litre or was it 6g? As 60 is huge! Thanks for doing these vids Get Er Brewed really interesting and all the water ones etc!

  2. Thinking of putting hops in a pressure fermenter at end of the fermentation. What would happen if you don't rack the beer and leave it in the fridge? Would the hop extraction still keep going?! (Some people on the internet say to rack beer with hops)

  3. Chris nearly has it all, he's got the yeast, the hops, the looks just need a online store and someone to lend him a license for sale. Love the beers, love the Modest brand think it's excellent, Prost! from Bangor.

  4. i hope we start seeing some more german and belgian beer styles over here in the UK/Ireland craft breweries. There's a massive untapped market for that imo.

  5. Great video! So good to see such a knowledgeable fella who's clearly super passionate about brewing just chat. Hope to see more videos like this in the future!

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