Brewing an Irish Red Ale

Irish Red Ale is a delicious, malt-forward, drinkable ale…and it tastes great on nitro! In this video, I walk through the process of brewing my own version of this beer style. Due to a slight software error, this turned out a bit darker and a touch roastier than intended, but was still delicious. Enjoy!

Basic recipe:

Pale Ale malt – 86.4% (would change to 87.9%)
Amber malt – 6%
Crystal 15 – 3.5%
Black Roasted Barley – 4% (would change to 2.5%)

Mash @ 152F / 66.7C

Magnum hops 25 IBU at 60 minutes
EKG hops – 14g at 20 minutes
Fuggle hops – 18g at flameout

60 minute boil.

S-04 yeast, rehydrated. Ferment at 66F, raising to 70F by end of fermentation.