Brewing a Coopers Irish Stout Kit | Home brew beer kit

A video to show how I brewed the Coopers Irish Stout home brew beer kit and how it turned out.

1 Coopers Irish Stout Kit
1 Kilo Brew Enhancer
1 Pack of Crossmyloof BEòIR Scottish & Irish Ale Yeast.



  1. Can you please share what is name of glass you are using?
    Looks really cool – is it some kind of tulip, goblet – I do not see anything like this in out coutry.
    I want to search on the web, maybe it has some special name so I can narrow the query and find it.
    Great video btw.

  2. I made a Coopers stout kit a couples of years ago. Made it half the volume and into a imperial stout. Better yeast, temperature controled fermentation, some chocolat. Well it was drinkable, but not close to the all grain I make. Makeup on a pig, its still a pig.

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