Big Trends & Breweries in 2021 | The Craft Beer Channel

Check out last year’s video and see how we did in 2020:

Big Trends & Breweries in 2021 | The Craft Beer Channel

Welcome to a New Year, a new start. The world may be an uncertain place but we’re certain there are some positives to be found in all the amazing new breweries and beers coming out over the next twelve months. Join us as we look at the big trends for 2021, illustrated through four breweries we expect to see a lot of love.

In the video we feature Utopian Brewing (Ten Degrees), Beak Brewery (Lulla), Overtown Brewing (Aye Man!) and New Barns (Plain Dark Beer).

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  1. Pressure drop black treacle stout! Another great stout at 8.2% that’s not overly sweet that’s rich smooth roasty coffee flavours it’s lovely try it if you haven’t Already

  2. Fellas… so coming back to South African independent Lager, you should really just come visit 🤣 I found a chocolate lager today, 👀 Last week I discovered a super crisp citrussy one from Buffelsfontein. It is getting out of hand, almost like the UK and IPA 2 years ago

  3. Been seeing more and more lagers over the last 6ish months. Definitely down for this trend. Especially the table/session lagers because the triple ipa and 13% imperial stouts are getting a little up there for me these days

  4. And please let there be stouts that are more beer again and not melted chocolate or cold espresso. I hoped plain dark beer would be something more beer focused but then you said it's coffee too 😔

  5. Enjoyed the video. I predict more success in 2021 for Twisted Wheel Brew. Co., Warrington. They brew an excellent range of innovative beers. I recently revived my beer channel with a video on their Black IPA; it was a sheer delight. 🍻👏👍

  6. Thanks guys……got to say that Mountain IPA'S are a style I encountered in 2020 and really couldn't get my head around them. I guess I am more of a NEIPA or Pale Ale drinker and therefore it messed a bit with my brain. Also getting into Stouts during this cold and dark lockdown!!
    Here's to 2021 🍻

  7. Are there any UK breweries making Wheat Wines that you would recommend?

    Also particularly interested in getting hold of something like The Bruery Chocolate Rain or anything local along similar lines, either with or ideally without the addition of Chocolate.

  8. Halfway through my sample pack of Utopian brewey beers and so far are excellent especially the Black Lager which is fantastic, not got round to the Ten Degrees yet but looking forward to it. Great call boys, will be ordering a larger box soon.

  9. Lager had a great year in terms of craft beer in the US in 2019 and early 2020…atleast on West coast which is the region I got to experience

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