Beginners Guide To Fermentation: Kombucha Making

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Welcome to the first ferment of this series! we are starting off strong with not only one of the simplest fermentations for beginners but one of the most rewarding. In this video you will learn how to source the Scobey and brew the liquid that it goes in. Part two will teach you the second fermentation stage which consist of bottling and flavoring. For all the Beginners out there… Fermenting project will change your life forever!

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INSTRUCTIONS for Gallon of Kombucha (My Updated Favorite Recipe)

1 Scoby
16 cups filtered water
12 grams black tea (12 tea bags)
1 cups white sugar
1 cup natural kombucha

-In your tea maker boil 8 cups of water.
-When it begins to boil add your tea and let it sit off the boil for about 20 minutes.
-Once your tea is brewed , transfer strained tea into a large glass container.
-Add your sugar to the tea and stir until dissolved
-Add in the rest of your water and let the temp settle to below 90 degrees
-Add Scoby to your tea along with 1 cup of Kombucha or Starter Liquid
Cover your container with clear kitchen towel and secure with a rubber-band.
Place your container somewhere dark with a temperature of 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit if possible. I would suggest using a heat pad under the the container to get this temperature because the end results will be optimal!
-Let it ferment for 7-10 days. Liquid should be a light golden brown color after it ferments
-You can now enjoy a glass of your kombucha but a second fermentation is recommended for a better flavor. Check out part 2 for bottling and flavoring ☺

Organic Scoby for Kombucha Making –

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  1. I had been thinking that kombucha was japanese tea which only old people love to drink here lol
    In japan,Kombucha means super solty traditional tea…
    So everytime I saw kombucha in american videos,I was suprised lol

  2. Question: how do you get the two gallons out of 16 cups? Is there another step of adding an additional 16 cups of water? Is it 1.5 cups of sugar per gallon or per two gallons? You said 2 gallons in the recipe but I only saw 16 cups total of liquid. Thanks!

  3. I am a little confused about the ratios. It says to make 2 gallons of kombucha you need 16 cups of water etc. However 16 cups of water is 1 gallon. So do we need to double up the tea and sugar and water to make two gallons or are those ratios correct but the water amount isn't?

  4. Can you use a raw organic sugar instead of white processed sugar and if so how much more or less? Thanks. I'm really enjoying this. You're very very informative. I love it. Thank you

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