Beer Review 505: Aldager Amber Lager, State of Brewing ALDI's Newest Beer!

Beer Review 505: Aldager Amber Lager, State of Brewing,Waunakee, Wisconsin.
Purchased: Aldi, Findlay, Ohio.

I picked up a six-pack of Aldi’s newest beer offering. I paid $8.99 for a six pack of this Amber Lager, which comes in at 5% ABV. It poured a little lighter than I had expected but still had a deep gold color with a hint of orange. This was crystal clear and had a soapy head that dissipated rather quickly. The nose was malty with caramel notes and not much else. This was relatively light bodied with sweet caramel leading the way. It also had an underlying hop bitterness to counterbalance the malt. While not the best beer I have ever consumed, it wasn’t bad for the price.

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