Beer Review #135 Porterhouse Brewing – Oyster Stout

Rich reviews the Oyster Stout from The Porterhouse Brewing Company of Dublin, Ireland.



  1. Last time I was in Dublin, I went to the Porterhouse Brewery and had this right from the cask! This is truely a fantasic beer while visiting the 3 story pub. My only question is…Where did you find it? Thanks. Chris

  2. I agree, with Brad, this one is so-so.  Marooned on Hog Island is much tastier.  Of course I think this because I sent Marooned on Hog island to Brad.  LOL!!!  Also, From MD, Rosie Parks is much tastier then this one.  If I have an extra Marooned on Hog Island I will send you one.  Nice review my Brother.

  3. Did you drink it right out of the fridge or did you let it warm a bit? Just wondering if, like some other stouts, different flavors (the oyster maybe?) would immerge as the temp changes.  

    Another great review, thanks Rich.

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