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The beginner friendly beer making starter kit from Geterbrewed. Genuine top quality equipment that will last and it includes an innovative ingredient kit to create 23 Litres of really impressive beer at home. A quick look at what equipment is needed to start homebrewing beer and the first beer brewing ingredient kit

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  1. Just starting of home brewing when using custom grain kit and i have 5.50lbs of pale wheat it comes up 2494.756 what do i enter into box for Gram's is it just 24 or 25 thanks in advance Billy.

  2. I think I’ve just found where I’m buying my starter kit from! Question instead of bottling can I use a second fermentation bin with a tap to hook it up to a beer engine?

  3. You're right about the syphons, terrible things but necessary on occasion. Only to be used when the yeast cake is up to the tap. A bit of syphon tube between the bottle wand and the tap also makes for an easier bottling day.

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