Ale vs. Lager Beer — What's the Difference?

Let’s talk beer. What’s the difference between an ale and a lager? To find out, we visited Boomtown Brewery in Los Angeles, and met with Production Manager, Benjamin Turkel, who explained the similarities and differences between the two beers. Benjamin took us through the different style points and production methods to learn ultimately what separates the two styles of brews.

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  1. The calm, clear articulation of the presenter, and getting to the point without yakking on and on is such a delight to listen.
    i WISH i had had this kind of teachers at school.

  2. The Norwegians have created an Ale yeast which ferments quickly at high temperatures but does not produce the Ale esters. This ale yeast ferments very "clean". This means homebrewers who do not have the fridge space to ferment a Lager, nor the patience of a 6-8 Lagering time, can enjoy Lager style beer in a week. Amazing.

  3. The difference between lager and ale is that they are fermented at different temperatures, often described as top fermentation (warmer) for ale Vs bottom fermentation (cooler) for lager. Beer means any beverage that includes hops.

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