#575 Eight Degrees Brewing | Sunburnt – Irish Red Ale 5%ABV (Irish Craft Beer)

Thank you to a good friend Simon, Local to me for this birthday present, chuffed with this, cheers mate.

Brewery – Eight Degrees Brewing
Location – Mitchelstown, Ireland.
Beer – Sunburnt
Style – Irish Red Ale
ABV – 5%
IBUs – 69
Reviewed on – 25th March 2017.
Commercial Description – Like an Irishman on holiday in the Canaries, this beer has a red tint but with a chilled out mellow feel.
A traditional Irish style with a twist, it has subtle caramel notes balanced with a pleasant fragrant aroma from New Zealand and Australian hops. Goes really well with roast beef, lamb or a traditional Irish stew, but beware: keep out of direct sunlight.

My Irish Beer Playlist below:

Eight Degrees Brewing:
Website – http://www.eightdegrees.ie
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/eightdegreesbrewing/
Twitter – @8degreesbrewing
Instagram – http://instagram.com/eightdegreesbrewing #kentbeerreviews


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